At the age of 10, Jessie started exploring other religions besides his own.  He would go to different religious gatherings with family and friends, and would read books on the religions he had no contact with.  After years of searching for a system that truly embodied his beliefs, he stopped looking. When yoga found Jessie his questions were finally answered.  Jessie has been practicing Jivamukti Yoga for almost 6 years.  His life has changed in many good ways since he started practicing.  He hopes that through teaching yoga he is able to guide others to their own liberation.  He is grateful for the many changes that yoga has brought to him, he believes that through constant practice we can all change the world and find liberation. Jessie completed the Jivamukti Yoga 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in May 2005.   He is currently enrolled in the Jivamukti Yoga Advanced Certification Program which completes requirements for a 500-Hour Certification.


Jessie teaches classes the way he likes classes to be when he’s the student. His classes are physically challenging.  He uses music by artists like Coldplay, India Arie, Madonna, Bhagavan Das, Deva Premal and Wah to give students even more inspiration while they practice yoga.


Jessie would like to thank his gurus Sharon Gannon and David Life for all their support through the years and Russell Simmons for making it all possible. 


Our thinking minds deprive us of the happiness that comes when we are living fully in the moment. - Ram Dass 


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